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Babies love to be taken back to their safe place - reminding them that you are home, their little bodies pressed up against yours, the beat of your heart right alongside theirs. With BubsLove waist carrier, we make it happen!

Why waist carrier?

This is not just a product but a means to develop a close emotional bonding between you and your baby. A memory that will last for a lifetime!

❤️ Ensures that your baby's spine, pelvis, and hips are well-supported. It helps protect the baby from hip-dysplasia.

❤️ Carry your baby for long while avoiding neck, shoulder, and hip pain

❤️ Provides maximum safety, comfort, and ease of use

❤️ Grows with your baby from newborn to 36 months or up to 45 lbs.


❤️ Detachable hip seat carrier. 

❤️ Can be used in three different ways.

❤️ Fits all sizes: From week 1 to 36 months, our sleek and easy to adjust carrier is designed to fit all sizes. Moreover, with highly secured back straps, a double-layered waist belt, and safety buckles, you are assured of maximum safety. It is fully adjustable to fit all adult types as well.

❤️  Thick padded cushion for ultra-comfort

❤️ Lumbar support and crossable straps

What's included?

1 x Baby carrier


Refer below for sizing: