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BubsLove from Founders

"I would have to say the best part of being a mom, aside from the feeling of being head over heels in love with my incredible baby, is co-parenting with my husband. I am so proud of the beautiful bond my husband has with our daughter, and I love that the three of us are building our family every single day."


"[O]ne of the best for me is getting to look at the world through a child's eyes again. I loved seeing my kiddo learn new things and experience things for the first time. I still remember his first visit to the planetarium show. You know how exciting those things are! He was so psyched that one guy behind us told him he hopes he never loses that excitement for life. I wholeheartedly agreed. It's awesome to get to share the world with this little human."


"Seeing my heart walking around dancing, joyful. It's amazing. It's terrifying but it's so worth it."

"Watching my daughter play with the wonderful people in our lives. Watching them love on her, the joy on her face, and the sweet and kind way she loves them back. Makes me feel that I've taught her compassion and confidence."