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Have you ever wondered how your child can make better use of their downtime while traveling for hours or running daily errands in the car?

BubsLove Travel Tray has a sturdy flat surface with padded sides to keep toys or snacks on the tray, it's a great way to keep your child entertained.

Sounds interesting? Read on... 

❤️ Quality and style in one solution; At BubsLove we are committed to using the finest non-toxic and premium quality fabrics; From our sturdy 1 ¾ inch wide buckles to our BPA-free plastic and waterproof surface; our portable tray will deliver long-lasting usage.

❤️ The soft foamy tray keeps children from hurting themselves on hard corners.

❤️ Large waterproof surface.

❤️ Contour design fits snugly to the kid's waist and attaches easily to car seats.

❤️ The adjustable back strap keeps the tray secured to kids.


❤️ Loveable design and bright colors; Our custom design appeals to boys and girls alike; with easy access to large storage; meshed organizer pockets and a built-in bumper to keep your car mess-free whether your child is creating a masterpiece or munching on snacks.

❤️ Our play and activity tray can be used anytime and anywhere your kiddo wishes; Ideal for use in cars; planes; strollers or even at home relaxing on the couch; Makes a perfect gift idea for any occasion. 

What's included?

1 x PlayIt™ Car seat Tray